Intellectual property and other such intangible assets are governed by the Australian Intellectual Property Laws, which are drafted to encourage innovation and protect business that develop original IP so that they can have a competitive advantage.

Copyright laws protect businesses which invest their time and resources in the creation of new material. Under the legislative framework, material created is automatically protected by copyright.

Trade Mark
Business are allowed to register a trade mark as a marketing tool. A registered trade mark gives legal protection that prevents others, such as your competitors, from using your brand.

A patent provides a legal right to stop third-parties from manufacturing, selling and or using your invention. It may also be used license someone else to manufacture your invention on terms you set and agreed on. Our law firm in Melbourne and Sydney can give your legal advice before applying for a patent.

A design application can be filed with one design, one design in relation to multiple products or multiple designs. The Design Office of IP Australia will review your application to see whether the design meets the legislative requirements.