Contract law governs all regulations directed towards enforcing certain agreements and promises. Contract law is primarily governed by the common law, though statutes are increasingly supplementing the common law of contract, including consumer protection.

Preparing contracts is a meticulous business, and seeking professional legal advice is recommended. Make sure that your terms are properly and clearly stated and your interests are protected by consulting with our solicitors.

Our solicitors will provide you with professional legal advice to fully understand the terms and condition of a contract.

Deeds are used to create a binding obligation on a person to do something or to transfer an equitable interest in property. A deed usually creates the obligation immediately upon execution. Seek professional legal advice from Mercantile Legal, one of the trusted law firms in Melbourne and Sydney, to erase any doubt on what is the most appropriate form of document for your specific situation.

Contract Review
Identify the areas of liability in your contracts before signing, so that you can renegotiate the terms to better protect your interests. Our solicitors will review your contract swiftly and help you achieve a more balanced contractual arrangement.

Unfair Contracts
When drafting contracts, you must not include terms that are considered unfair. There are laws protecting consumers from unfair contract terms in situations where they had little to no opportunity to negotiate with the business. For more information on unfair contract laws, consult with our contract solicitors in Melbourne and Sydney.