Our team of experienced solicitors will provide you with a fair and honest assessment regarding the prospects of a successful debt recovery case.

A letter of demand is required to clearly state the details of the debt owed to the creditor. The demands shall notify the debtor about the debt that is due and payable. The terms for settling the debt must also be clearly outlined.

Our lawyers will carefully explain every step of the debt recovery litigation process, from the preparation stage to court proceedings and what comes after, in order to secure your financial future.

After successful court proceedings, the court will issue a decree so that an enforcement action can be taken in order to recover the debt. Our team will be happy to assist you in enforcing the decree and getting the due payment.

Insolvency proceedings commence when the debtor has not made their payments after 21 days. Our solicitors will help you navigate this process and aid you in issuing petitions at the Court.

Statutory Demands
A statutory demand is served to the debtor when the debt is not disputed. This is a written demand for the payment of the debt.

Security Enforcement
Provided that the court proceedings are successful, the court will then issue a decree that allows an enforcement action to be taken in order to get the due payment and recover the debt.

For large claims, it is highly recommended that an experienced solicitor advices you. Here at Mercantile Legal, we provide honest legal advice before, during, and after the proceedings since the trial can be a long, tedious, and expensive process.

Proper securities will be put in place to in order to allow the payment dispute to be decided. We will help you prepare your claim, making sure that your documents and evidence are well-presented.

Security of Payments
The Security of Payment Act is a state-based legislation that helps streamline a court judgment specifically for the building and construction industry.

Costs Assessment
A client may apply for cost assessment in which any and all information shall be clearly and succinctly set out.