Mercantile Legal

We are a unique commercial law firm practising in all states of Australia, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and now Brisbane. 







Mercantile Legal are a unique Commercial Law firm practising in all states of Australia, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Our directors have many years in business before practising law which gives us a great advantage in understanding and delivering on our client’s needs and expectations.

Our Clients are Our Priority

Availability When You Need Us

You can talk to a lawyer as your first contact after reception. Whether working from home or not, the call goes through to the lawyer you need, right from the start.

Immediate Initial View by Telephone

We don’t just put you through a process – our lawyers will work out the outcome you want and work to deliver from day one.

Set Fees and Estimates for Debt Recovery, Wills and Contracts

We offer responsive service, focused on reaching and managing your requirements, be it for debt recovery, litigation, or contract drafting or review, amongst others.

Straight Answers and Simple Talk

We believe in communication without jargon, we’ll call a spade a spade, not a digging implement.

No Surpises in Your Invoices

Get great-value legal service at a fair price that will satisfy your needs. We work on set fee rates for most services except for litigation.

We are Helpful

Our team consists of outstanding solicitors who speak plainly and get to the point.

You should feel comfortable calling us to discuss any matter for an initial view without worrying about getting a bill the next week. When we discuss the matter, if it comes to a point at which there will be a fee, we will let you know first. So you can make the choice to go ahead. Legal advice should be flexible and available, just to get a quick view at the time you need it.