Litigation refers to the proceedings initiated between two opposing parties in order to defend a legal right. It is usually settled through agreement between the two parties, but in other cases, the issue may also be decided by a jury or a court judge.

For any legal issues, it is recommended that an experienced solicitor advices you. Here at Mercantile Legal, we provide honest legal advice before, during, and after the court proceedings since trials can be a long, tedious, and expensive process.

Insolvency proceedings commence when the debtor has committed an Act of Bankruptcy. Our solicitors will help you navigate this process, and aid you in issuing petitions at Court. Insolvency law can pushes for the liquidation of the debtor’s assets to pay off outstanding debts.

Debt Recovery
Our team of experienced solicitors will successfully assist you in the event of a debt recovery case.

Personal Injury
Our solicitors will aid you in getting legal remedies and defenses in civil lawsuits caused by wrongful conduct.

Family law includes matters such as divorce, annulment, child custody and visitation rights. It specifically tackles matters concerning adoption of children, guardianship, domestic violence and alimony.

Intellectual Property
Our solicitors will help you with intellectual property law, protecting your inventions, designs and artistic works by securing and enforcing legal rights.

The law of evidence governs what can be presented in any court. Our reliable team of solicitors will help you in handling and presenting your evidence and any necessary documents.

Mediation law, a form of alternative dispute resolution, aims to avoid the time and expense of further litigation through meeting with a neutral third-party.