Family law focuses on issues involving family relationships, such as divorce, child custody and adoption, amongst others.

Our lawyers at Mercantile Legal will provide you with empathetic and personal service to resolve your family law issues.

Family Provisions
Family provision claim is an application to the Court seeking adequate provision from a deceased person’s Estate. Our solicitors will explain the factors the Court can consider to approve the claim.

The divorce process, that is, the legal dissolution of the marital relationship, encompasses a number of issues. As one of the dependable law firms in Melbourne and Sydney, we can aid you by providing practical and sound legal advice on completing your divorce application, drafting the application and representing you at the Court hearing.

Family Dispute Resolution
Under Australian family laws, it is compulsory that separated parents attempt a Family Dispute Resolution in relation to children’s matters before issuing proceedings in the Court. Both parties are encouraged to think for their children’s best interests. We at Mercantile Legal can assist you to reach an agreement for parenting arrangements that will prioritise your children’s needs.

Binding Financial Agreements
A Binding Financial Agreement is an agreement between two or more people that covers that division of property between the parties, spousal maintenance and superannuation. Our solicitors can aid in you preparing a Binding Financial Agreement and providing you with sound legal advice.

A prenup is a legally binding financial agreement between two people who intend to get married. It records what assets and debts each person is bringing into the relationship and states how these will be divided in the event the relationship breaks down. Discuss with our law firm in Melbourne and Sydney if a prenuptial is good for your specific circumstance.

Parenting and Custody
When one has child custody, one has the legal right to make decisions on the child’s behalf, which is why discussing parenting and custody can be emotionally charged. Our law firm in Melbourne and Sydney will help you through this difficult situation, aiding in organising custody papers and other legal matters related to custody issues.