The Corporations Act is the principal legislation that governs and regulates companies in Australia in matters including, but not limited to, formation, operation, duties of officers and takeovers. Find out the basics of establishing a corporation and create a set of legal documents required by law for your company to be operational. Mercantile Legal will be with you every step of the way.

Managed Investment Schemes
Managed investment schemes, otherwise called managed funds, are a type of financial structure in which money is pooled to be invested in shares or shares. These schemes are generally managed by a professional fund manager.

Having a license means you have been given approval to perform an activity or operation, and it can protect your business and employees. Our solicitors will assist you in the licensing needs of your company which depend on the nature of your business.

Insurance laws are based on commercial contract laws. Consult with a qualified insurance lawyer in one of the reliable law firms in Melbourne and Sydney for specifics that are applicable to you.

The power of the States and Territories to impose taxes is limited by the Constitution, which is why jurisdictions impose other taxes. Ensure that you and your business are complying with the taxation laws and avoid legal issues.

Director’s Duties
The director has a responsibility to the whole company and is obligated to act in good faith in its best interest. Care and diligence must be exercised.

Director’s Liability
A director may be indemnified against liabilities they may incur as director, subject to specified restrictions. Consult with a reliable law firm in Melbourne to get sound legal advice regarding liabilities.

Our insolvency laws play a fundamental part in the financial and legal landscape. Our accomplished solicitors can help you navigate the legal rules and regulations for orderly and fair procedures to handle insolvent affairs.

Conflicts of Interest
It is a director’s duty to avoid conflicts of interest and must not place themselves in a position where there is an actual conflict or a real possibility of conflict between the duties as director and a personal interest independent of the company.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is an independent Australian government body that regulates and enforces company and financial services law to protect Australian consumers, investors and creditors.